Origin of the name Wai'tuMusic:

The Kalinago Indians name for the country known as Dominica, is Wai'tukubuli - meaning "Tall is her body", for the mountains.

We asked for the blessing of the Kalinago, by way of the Kalinago Ouboutu (Chief), to use the name. We got the blessing and Wai'tuMusic was born.

Wai'tuMusic's slogan is therefore "Elevated is Our Music"

The Purpose of Wai'tuMusic is to find the most innovative means to strengthen the music industry in the Caribbean.

The Mission of Wai'tuMusic is to create an environment for musical artists to develop their skills, and to enter the music industry in an informed manner that will better position them for success.

The Vision of WaituMusic is to become the premier music label, online music sales platform, and regional publishing company of the Caribbean Region.

(This is in keeping with the mission of parent company, Krystallion Inc, which is to offer high quality professional services to developing sectors of an economy; and whose vision is to become the small business beacon to economic sustainability.)

For musical artists seeking to strengthen their music career, Wai'tuMusic provides ALL the necessary services and artist could require in one place, and we have the technological and audiovisual backing of sister company, ComeSeeTv International as well as the financial and ecommerce support and guidance of parent company, Krystallion Incorporated to make that happen!

Wai'tuMusic Label has song writers, composers, studios, video editors, and vocal coaches to create, produce and promote music that comes from ... you!

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