A New Day

6 months ago in Neo Soul
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"I wrote ‘A New Day’ to basically be a wake-up anthem, creating an audible morning environment at the start, with birds and vocals creating the semblance of a clock alarm. When my daughter and I put the melody to it, there was very real hype: A Joy and a happy funky, soulful bounce, that would make someone want to spring out of bed and get ready for the new day. Imagine someone skipping and dancing down a sidewalk from their home to wherever, ecstatically greeting everyone…. high off of life kind of feel.

The original voice note recording, had my daughter and I beat boxing the instrumentation…. It captured the fun and energy we wanted to be translated through the song.

And for the observant ones, you might just realize that this song is crafted as a prelude to Ms. Jill Scott's - A Long Walk!"
~ Li-Li Octave

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